Following the UA-DETRAC organization, the challenge is divided in two main tasks, vehicle detection and vehicle counting.

To that end, the annotation of the dataset has been updated with fine-grained vehicle types and colors.

  • Vehicle Detection and Type Classification Challenge IWT4S-DET 2019 (Improved from IWT4S 2018)   [Submissions to the vehicle detection task must include the bounding boxes and types of each vehicle from the pre-defined 6 main vehicle types in the testing video sequences.]
  •  Vehicle Counting Challenge IWT4S-CNT 2019 (NEW)   [Submissions to the vehicle counting task must include the estimated numbers of vehicles from the pre-defined 6 vehicle types and 10 vehicle colors in the testing video sequences.]

Participants of the Challenge must submit final results on the UA-DETRAC testing dataset with a document to briefly describe the applied methodology.

All the works, whose results are above the set thresholds, will be with performance over the baseline thresholds are encouraged to submitted and peer reviewed for acceptance in the workshop proceeding (in association with the AVSS 2019 conference).

Results and authorship of the papers that participated to the challenge and that scored more than the threshold will be summarized in one final paper in the main conference.

Papers for the workshop should be submitted to Please see the important dates below:

Submission Deadline: August 1th, 2019
Notification: August 10th, 2019
Camera-ready: August 15th, 2019
Workshop: September 21th, 2019

For detailed information, please refer to the UA-DETRAC homepage ( or the IWT4S homepage (

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to inform us. We’re looking forward to your submissions!